Helping to Protect Pop Stars in South Korea

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For many in the West, upon hearing the words Korea and industry, people are likely to think of giants like Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia. Another industry from South Korea getting a lot of attention is their entertainment industry, which produces highly popular content for the East Asian market. While everyone remembers Psy’s Gangnam Style, the South Korean music industry is not a one hit wonder. “K-Pop” is now a worldwide music phenomenon. South Korea’s filmed entertainment industry is generating international hits as well.

Naver is Korea’s most popular online site.  Additionally, they own the hugely popular social network LINE (215 million users as of April, 2016 – more than Snapchat). With these assets under its belt, Naver is a South Korean Internet giant with a hand directly on the pulse of the South Korean entertainment industry. Through partnerships with major South Korean content companies, and the popular Naver Media Player app, Naver gives its fans access to a wide variety of content including live concerts, behind-the-scenes content about South Korean celebrities, sports and news.

With all the fan attention on South Korean celebrities, it’s no surprise that Naver’s live broadcasting app V is very popular with over 19 million downloads worldwide since September 2015. Through V, fans can enjoy live broadcasts from their favorite celebrities, including quite a few K-pop stars. For the celebrities, these live broadcasts represent valuable ephemeral content. For the fans, the V app is like other apps, vulnerable to a number of attacks by bad actors that could jeopardize sensitive information. To help protect both of these, we’re happy to announce that Naver has agreed to license the whiteCryption solution to secure the V app. whiteCryption already helps protect apps used for connected cars, medical devices and banking, so we are proud to add K-pop stars and their fans to the growing list.