Friday Highlights

mobile security and technology

Events that took place this week have shown consumers many advantages and disadvantages of the same mobile revolution. This first article explains how people in Africa can determine whether or not the medications they purchase are genuine. Do you know if your own medications are genuine?


Mobile technology offers option to combat fake drugs in West Africa


Second, what could actually go wrong when someone tries to break digital trust via personal devices?

Hong Kong protesters targeted by smartphone spy apps, security company says


iot: the saga continues 

How are some companies currently positioning themselves in the Internet of Things (IoT) market? One of the more interesting moves comes from ARM, the developer of the intellectual property driving many of the processors used for IoT devices. Apple has also begun manufacturing their own microprocessors to run iOS as well, and now ARM is coming from the other side and announcing their own OS for IoT. It seems quite encouraging that many companies are embedding Internet trust in their designs from the beginning.


ARM builds an OS for the Internet of Things


Several consortia are also working to solve the interoperability of data that comes from IoT, including Cisco, Acer, and others.

Cisco, Acer, others join Intel-backed IoT standards group


 Finally, Google throws yet another initiative into the works: “The Physical Web”.

Google Reveals ‘The Physical Web,’ A Project To Make Internet Of Things Interaction App-Less


Transforming TV

The Internet is clearly impacting the Television industry in significant ways; this past week, these changes raised many questions about the current business model of TV in the United States market.


Is the TV model broken?

“The TV model is broken,” says ISP that stopped offering pay-TV


Are all popular movies and TV shows legally available online?

Nearly all popular movies and TV shows are legally available online


Data Privacy: What Would YOU Do for a Klondike Bar?

This past week’s events demonstrated surprising human behavior regarding what some people are willing to give up their personal, private data for. What would you be willing to give up your personal data for?


How about…for a cookie?

Artist proves people will give away their personal data for a cookie


How about…for your first-born child? (Yes, that’s right.)

Londoners give up eldest children in public Wi-Fi security horror show


Friday Fun!

Finally, check out this retro electric car!

The Smallest Car In The World Is Back From The 1960s, And Now It's Electric