Friday Highlights

Friday Highlights provides a weekly review and analysis of a variety of articles that highlight trends in digital trust and privacy. Here are the top stories on digital security, privacy, IoT, and big data from last week.

Digital Security and Privacy

Privacy: Google and Facebook backlash Edition

In the wake of the Snowden NSA revelations, privacy concerns regarding large Internet brands’ collection and use of personal data are still growing. The abilities of companies such as Google and Facebook to collect a wide variety of personal data about individuals from cradle to grave is indeed a privacy concern that privacy and security authorities need to continue to take seriously. Countries in the European Union are expressing this concern quite loudly.

Death, drones and driverless cars: how Google wants to control our lives


This article points out how convenience drives many people into actions which can compromise their privacy. The industry must work on easy to use solutions which respect personal privacy.

How Facebook and Google are taking over your online identity


It now looks like the dustup about Stanford not using Google money for research on privacy is not really accurate. It is indicative, however, of how much trust in Google has eroded.

Stanford Says it Never Promised Not to Use Google Money for Privacy Research [Updated]


 Privacy, Security and the IoT 

V2V (vehicle to vehicle) is an upcoming technology for wireless communications between vehicles. By transmitting data about what sensors on vehicles “see” around them to other vehicles, there are a number of scenarios where V2V will increase vehicle safety. The US government has already indicated they are moving to require V2V on automobiles. Yet, like many socially beneficial networking technologies, V2V proponents must actively address the security and privacy challenges this technology has. Security expert’s Bruce Schneier’s comments on the subject and the responses to the comments show the challenges being faced.

Security for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications


The European Union continues to be a leading voice in demanding privacy protection for its citizens. Now, the call is out that the EU is seriously looking at privacy and IoT. This is fair warning that companies involved in IoT products need to build in meaningful privacy protections from the beginning.

Internet of Things reviewed by data protection regulators


It seems that for some companies, protecting privacy and security in IoT is seen as a market opportunity, which is a good sign.

Meet Wedg, Another Post-Snowden Personal Cloud Device


IoT and Big Data

Intertrust invests in an exciting startup called Planet OS, which is doing some very interesting work around sensor data and data analytics. While it is in a different area, here is another startup doing interesting work in energy data and analytics.

America’s Biggest Solar Hot Water Firm Is Rebranding and Becoming an Energy Broker


The Networked World: Past and Present

These articles describe the immense progress the networked world has made.

Remembering CompuServe, 35 Short Strange Years Ago


UN Broadband Commission: 50% of world online by 2017


Friday Fun!

This looks like quite a fun way for kids and kids at heart to get their hands on robotics and programing.

ScratchDuino Magnetic Robotics Kickstarter Project