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software security

While highly secure, Marlin DRM by itself is designed to protect content files handled by software. The software client and the firmware running the client also needs to be “hardened” to prevent cyber-criminals accessing sensitive information contained within the software code. Protecting apps and their secrets is a major consideration in business today, and that is where whiteCryption comes in.

Intertrust’s subsidiary, whiteCryption, provides application protection solutions that  harden software code and protect secret information , protecting both the content files and the user’s private information.

whiteCryption offers two solutions: Code Protection and Secure Key Box.

Code Protection keeps cyber-criminals from gaining inappropriate access to software code through a number of techniques such as obfuscation of the code itself, thwarting inappropriate use of debugging tools and detecting compromised operating systems. Secure Key Box uses “white-box cryptography” technology to ensure sensitive encryption keys, used for such purposes as content protection encryption or user authentication, are kept out of reach of cyber-criminals.

Supporting a wide variety of software platforms and encryption algorithms, whiteCryption’s solutions are used by a wide variety of organizations, both large and small, to secure their applications for more effective protection of content. Of course, whiteCryption’s technology is useful beyond application security; it can be used for any app which handles sensitive data such as apps for Internet banking security and connected car security. whiteCryption also provides professional services for organizations.

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