Cryptanium(TM) Brings New Level of App Security to Enterprise Mobility and BYOD

Mobile App Developers Can Now Leverage the Latest in Integrity Protection, Code Obfuscation, and White Box Cryptography

whiteCryption, the world's leading provider of mobile application code and data protection, today announced Cryptanium(TM) for Mobility (CfM). CfM leverages Cryptanium's proven security toolset to provide protection for apps running on leading mobile operating systems including iOS and Android.

As enterprises write more and more apps for mobile devices, IT managers are looking for new ways to protect sensitive corporate data, secure enterprise applications against attacks, enforce enterprise policies, and prevent intellectual property theft. With new trends to BYOD (bring your own device), sandboxing and provisioning applications with proper security is a critical necessity. Without proper protection, these devices are easy targets for hackers looking to extract private data, transaction keys, trade secrets and more. CfM provides tools to hide secrets in apps, protect against tampering, and make software harder to reverse engineer, all wrapped in an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface.