While Irdeto is the first to claim validated compliance with both China DRM and Hollywood standards for its DRM platform, the company is not alone in bringing support for next-generation content protection, including watermarking, to China. Notably, Intertrust Partners earlier this year added session-based video watermarking to its Marlin-based ExpressPlay DRM service in support of early-window TV and movie on-demand services to be offered through an exclusive licensing agreement between 20th Century Fox and iQiyi, the largest combined Internet and mobile video service provider in China.

“Session-based watermarking is critically important, particularly in a large market such as China,” says Hanno Basse, CTO of 20th Century Fox. “ExpressPlay’s offering allows us to aggressively pursue new distribution opportunities that consumers want, such as early-window movie releases that are much closer to theatrical release dates, while appropriately managing the piracy risk that comes with them.”

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