Building Connectivity Across Africa


All kinds of jobs require steady connectivity, even when infrastructure is spotty due to wireless connections, intermittent power, or devices that can’t share connections. Seeing this, Ushahidi set out to redesign connectivity for the world we live in - Africa.  As we laid out what such a device would look like - physically robust, able to connect to multiple networks, a hub for all local devices, enough backup power to survive a blackout - we realized that the way the entire world is connecting to the web is changing. We no longer only get online via desktops in our office, we have multiple devices, and we are all constantly on the move.   We designed the BRCK for the changing way we connect to the web around the world, from cafes-hoppers in San Francisco to struggling coders in Nairobi.

Speaker Bio  Nathaniel Manning, Director of Strategy, Ushahidi and BRCK

Nathaniel’s work orbits around the theme of developing technology that makes the world a better place. Nathaniel is the Director of Business and Strategy at Ushahidi. Nat also helps run business development for the BRCK, a redesign of connectivity for the developing world. He was previously a Presidential Innovation Fellow, and then the first Chief Data Coordinator at USAID. The role involved working to develop tools and strategies for liberating data to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation for international development.