Software Code Protection


Software Code Protection (SCP) is a comprehensive code protection solution intended for hardening modern software applications on multiple target platforms. It achieves an unprecedented level of security by applying sophisticated and effective code obfuscation, integrity protection, anti-debug, and device binding techniques to application code.  This talk will consist of covering some interesting use cases of code protection, white-box technologies and a live demo of the product including analysis of protected application.

Speaker Bio  Alex Bessonov, Intertrust

Alex Bessonov is Senior Director of Security at Intertrust and General Manager at whiteCryption. Prior to joining Intertrust Alex has had a successful career at Microsoft, eBay and Informatica. As a General Manager, he is responsible for leading whiteCryption's development and research teams, defining products and company strategy, as well as communicating with customers and partners. Alex holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology and B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.