Digital Identity Technology


Traditional Identity has been focused on authentication and protection. The US market opportunity is ~$2B and has evolved from software and hardware products to include cloud based identity services.

Digital identity is rapidly becoming a new digital asset class with internet, commerce, mobile and social identities enabling over $50 Billion in adjacent market revenue.  Internet identities (Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon) are evolving into the incumbent choices for user engagement into mCommerce, eCommerce, M2M, and mobile media services.  

Ecosystems that enable internet identities pose a significant threat to Verizon entry into these markets and further disintermediate Verizon from its consumers.

Verizon Identity services are fragmented with different platforms for FiOS, Wireless and Enterprise services.

To combat this immediate risk Verizon must standardize its identity platform for its 100 million users and enable mobile digital identity to be used in adjacent markets.

By 2020 personal digital identity will grow to enable over $400 Billion in adjacent market revenue in the US. We foresee 6 primary applications for digital identity: process automation, user enablement, personalization, enhanced delivery, personal data driven R&D and secondary monetization sources.

The combination of Verizon brand, network assets, consumer and enterprise customers, place Verizon is in a unique position to be the trusted broker of digital identity data between its consumer and enterprise customers. However this doesn't mean we develop the solutions ourselves. We need to bring together and integrate the external innovations.

If Verizon is to participate in the digital identity asset class Verizon must invest in an identity platform and engage in a new trusted relationship with its consumers and enterprise customers.


Speaker Bio  Ash Evans, Dir of Corporate Strategy, Verizon

Ash has more than a 15 years experience in digital identity and access management services and has held senior level management roles at Verizon and SAIC.  Ash works across the Verizon companies and associated verticals (enterprise, medical, automotive, etc..) to unify identity management services and plan for the next generation of access management technologies.