Distributed Manufacturing Services


3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing in the same way that the internet ushered music, books and the film industry into the digital realm.  More importantly, 3D printing is making remote manufacturing a reality. Authentise controls the exchange of the digital files that power this revolution.

Authentise products allow anyone to access authentic, 3D print ready design files anywhere, at any time. Companies deploy Authentise technology to prepare and optimize their designs, securely stream them directly to printers, monitor production to ensure quality prints, and embed safety features to enable printers and end-users to check heritage.

Authentise is empowering companies to use 3D printing to distribute their products to anyone who wants to purchase and print them. Most importantly, companies will have confidence that their product designs are protected and authenticated in the process.

Speaker Bio  Andre Wegner, CEO, Authentise

Andrew is CEO and Founder of Authentise, a company innovating in the 3D printing services vertical.  Andre has spend 6+ years in global consulting and venture capital on 3 continents.  Andre is a Greenfield business expert  and has a Masters of Arts in International Relations and Modern History from St. Andrews University in Scotland as well as a Masters of Science Degree in Strategy and Management of International Business from Essec Business School of Paris.  Authentise is accelerated by Singularity University Labs.