Kick Start a HW Project


Have you ever thought of making a hardware product, but never had the opportunity or resources to make it happen? Today hardware development is exploding, and it is now cheaper and easier than ever to start your own hardware project from idea to prototype to production. I will walk through just how cheap and easy it can be, and I will use a few of my personal experiences as an example of how anyone can develop hardware products if open to the challenge.

Speaker Bio  John Gildred, VP-Product Management, Intertrust

John Gildred is Vice President of Product Management at Intertrust Technologies Corporation.  Previously, John served as Senior Vice President at Pioneer Electronics for eight years where he launched major products for Pioneer and Sony (OEM) including the first generation Blu-ray and the award-winning Kuro plasma television.  John also founded Indrema, an open source game console for independent game developers, and OpenSoft, an award-winning consumer Internet communications software company. John has held several CE industry forum leadership positions, including Vice Chair of UPnP Steering Committee, Chair of CEA Home AV Networking Group, IEEE and IETF representative for Pioneer. John has also served as a senior technology consultant to several Fortune 500 companies.