The Global Luxury Market


This presentation discusses lessoned learned over a two year period in launching a device-centric and mobile services business in the global luxury market.  Plus1 created a new luxury paradigm through the fusion of fashion and technology that gave rise to an aspirational lifestyle brand defined by the users experience with an exclusive mobile device portfolio and a family of hard and soft-good fashion accessories.  Such experiences are relevant in bringing Intertrust business’ like Gyoji to fruition.

Speaker Bio  Ron Louks, Founder/Board Member, Plus1 LLC

Ron has more than twenty years experience in the software and mobile industries. Ron is currently CEO of the OpenNMS Group and sits on the boards of Silicon Image and Plus1.  Louks was the Chief Strategy Officer at HTC and the Chief Technology Officer at Sony Ericsson. His teams have been credited with shipping more than 200 million consumer electronics products and have launched many notable industry-first innovations that have shaped today’s technology and experience landscapes.