3D/4D Printing Ecosystem


Some believe 3D/4D printing will be the driver of the "third industrial revolution."  President Obama mentioned in a recent State of the Union Address that 3D printing "has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything."  Whatever you want to call it, 3D/4D printing has captivated the imagination of entrepreneurs, engineers, hobbyists, politicians, investors and the general population.  Bryan will provide a crash course on what the 'buzz' is all about and the robust activity in the M&A and capital markets as of late surrounding this set of technologies.

Speaker Bio  Bryan Dow, Executive Director, Mooreland Partners - Silicon Valley

Bryan Dow is an Executive Director at Mooreland Partners in the Silicon Valley office.  Bryan joined Mooreland in 2013 and has over eight years of experience advising technology companies on strategic and financial transactions, completing over 50 transactions in his career.  At Mooreland, Bryan is responsible for origination, transaction execution, relationship management and business development in the electronics, clean energy and industrial technologies sectors.   

Prior to Mooreland, Bryan was a Director and Head of the Clean Energy and Industrial Technology Investment Banking Group at ThinkEquity, where  he focused broadly on the clean energy and industrial technology sectors, including lighting and efficiency, energy storage and alternative transportation, emerging environmental technologies, capital equipment, and alternative energy generation.  Previously, Bryan was also a member of the Technology Investment Banking Group at Needham & Company.  Bryan holds a B.S. in Finance and Management Information Systems from the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University.