ExpressPlay is a cloud-based platform for total content protection of on-demand and live media services. ExpressPlay brings together several components: The ExpressPlay Service is a pay-as-you-go service with no setup fee and minimal integration time. The ExpressPlay Packager is a scriptable set of tools to encrypt your media and is designed to fit within your current workflow. To enable playback of protected content, the ExpressPlay SDK on iOS and Android platforms provides a development framework to easily integrate secure playback into your application.

Speaker Bio  John Gildred, VP of Product Management, Intertrust

John is the Vice President of Product Management at Intertrust Technologies, as well as the founder and CTO of SyncTV Corporation, an Intertrust backed venture enabling next-generation device-connected Internet television. Prior to SyncTV, John served as Senior Vice President at Pioneer Electronics for eight years where he launched major products for Pioneer and Sony including first generation Blu-ray and the award-winning Kuro plasma television. Before Pioneer, John founded Indrema, an open source game platform for independent game developers, and OpenSoft, an award-winning consumer Internet communications software company. John has held several CE industry forum leadership positions, including Vice Chair of UPnP Steering Committee, Chair of CEA Home AV Networking Group, IEEE and IETF representative for Pioneer. John has also served as a senior technology consultant to several Fortune 500 companies.