Mission Motors


For the past four years, Mission Motors has been developing electric powertrain technology and systems for next generation electric and hybrid vehicles.  In 2011, Mission demonstrated its technology through the record-breaking Mission-R, a performance electric motorcycle that currently holds the electric vehicle lap record at Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca.  Mission has partnered with a variety of vehicle manufacturers in powersports, heavy equipment, and automotive to integrate the company's technology into new electric and hybrid vehicle platforms.  During this same period, Mission has evolved its own telematics capabilities in its Skyline product offering.  Derek will present on the state of the Telematics Industry from his personal perspective as a active participant and author of the AAIA Telematics Trendline.

Speaker Bio  Derek Kaufman, COO, Mission Motors

Mr. Kaufman has worked in the transportation industry for 35 years, with positions including VP Marketing and Product Planning for Freightliner Corporation and several roles within Penske Corporation including President of Diesel Technology Company, Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support for Hino Trucks, , and VP of Fixed Operations for smart USA.  Mr. Kaufman is also an entrepreneur. In 1997 he formed C3 Network Inc. to help clients launch leading edge technology products to the heavy transportation industry. He writes and speaks on technology trends with a special emphasis most recently on telematics applications.