Mobile phones are people’s undisputed device of choice for everything from communicating (via voice, texts and social media), to enjoying entertainment and playing games, to storing vast libraries of photos, music, and other media. Mobile phones, with their vast reservoir of user behavior data, present a huge opportunity to benefit from their usage insights. Personagraph provides a solution that helps its partners unlock this potential while creating private representations of a user’s behavior, interests, and demographics by analyzing user data from social, location, motion, and in-app activity sensors. Personagraph represents such information in a fashion that is amenable to automated analysis for generating trends and predicting user’s intent. This representation can help predict consumer-buying behavior, which is invaluable for advertisers and marketers to personalize their offerings.


Bio  David Maher, Intertrust

David Maher has over 30 years of experience in secure computing and is responsible for Research and Development at Intertrust. Before joining Intertrust in 1999, he was Chief Scientist for AT&T Secure Communications Systems, Head of the Secure Systems Research Department, and security architect for AT&T's Internet services platform. After joining Bell Labs in 1981, Maher developed secure communications, information vending, and e-commerce systems. He was Chief Architect for AT&T's STU-III secure voice, data, and video products used by the White House and Department of Defense for top-secret communications. In 1992, Maher became a Bell Labs Fellow in recognition of his accomplishments in communications security. Maher holds multiple patents in secure computing; has published papers in the fields of mathematics and computer science; and has consulted with the National Science Foundation, National Security Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. Maher holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Lehigh University. He has taught electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science at several institutions.

Bio  Irfan Mohammed, Personagraph

Irfan Mohammed joined Intertrust in June 2012 from Yahoo!, where he was working on their semantic web initiatives and personalized web efforts. Irfan has 13 years of experience in the software industry with strong background in Software Engineering, Engineering Management, Product Marketing, Product Management, Technology Strategy with companies like Schneider Electric, Murex, Sourcebits, Yahoo!, Verizon and AOL Time Warner. Before joining Yahoo, he was a Vice President of engineering at Sourcebits, which was a Sequoia backed mobile products and gaming company. He also held a senior engineering leadership position at Verizon where he lead the deployment of Fios TV and DSL provisioning system. Irfan consulted many fortune 500 companies like Microsoft on competitive and marketing strategies for their virtualization products, Schneider Electric on their consolidation strategy and many startups on product and marketing strategy.  He holds an engineering and a business degree from MIT, a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication.