Seacert Trust Services


The talk will summarize the various cryptographic and cloud services that Seacert offers as well as discuss how the company mitigates its business risk through contract terms, order procedures and independent audits.


Bio  Jim Rudd, Intertrust

Jim Rudd joined Intertrust in 2000 and was hired to develop an international payment architecture for Intertrust’s clearinghouse partners based on his experience at Wells Fargo and electronic cash.  Later, Jim performed infringement, technical and financial analysis in support of Microsoft patent infringement lawsuit.  Jim has also represented Intertrust interests to the Marlin Trust Management Organization in the area of risk management and security policy currently responsible for security policy of Seacert.   He received his MBA for University of California, Berkeley and was initially a practicing CPA after receiving his undergraduate degree from University of Notre Dame.

Bio  Kristin Clark, Intertrust

Kristin Clark has extensive background in Trust Management and Operations. As a VP of Security Operations, Kristin has twelve years of experience in building and managing cryptographic operations, PKI (public key infrastructure) development and partner support.  She has worked closely with multi-company/multi-country engineering teams to transform technical specifications into operational processes. Seacert supports over 40 companies and provides millions of cryptographic credentials monthly in support of several Rights Management implementations. Before joining InterTrust in 1999, she worked at Hewlett Packard in e-Business, Manufacturing, Quality, Marketing, and Finance managing organizations, implementing multi-division systems and improving cross-organizational processes. She has a B.S. in International Economics from Georgetown University.