Digital Entertainment India 2016

Mumbai | 11th February 2016


With more than a billion mobile subscribers combined with surging numbers of Internet users (from 250 million in 2015 to 640 million in 2019), rising consumer demand for content, proactive government policies and a commitment to invest in infrastructure, the stars have aligned for unbridled growth in the Indian entertainment industry.


As innovators of trusted computing technology that has shaped the global entertainment industry, Intertrust Technologies Corporation is pleased to host the first and by-invitation only Digital Entertainment India Conference, featuring

  • International and national speakers
  • Panel Discussions
  • Networking opportunities


Confirmed speakers and panelists

  • Alberto Sigismondi, CEO Tivù
  • Albhy Galuten, VP, Media Technology Strategy, Sony Corp of America & Sony Network Entertainment
  • Luca de Bartola, Commercial and Sales Director, Tivù
  • Manas Mati, Executive Director of Technology, Disney India
  • Mandar Shinde, GM Personagraph
  • Matthew Glotzer, Head of Media, Intertrust
  • Mini Gupta, Director of Advisory Services, E&Y, India
  • Prasad Sanagavarapu, Founder and CEO, Kiora Media
  • Raghav Anand, Sector Leader -- Digital New Media and Convergence Business Advisory Services, E&Y, India
  • Rajat Nigam, Group CTO, Network18 Media and Investments
  • Ron Wheeler, SVP, Content Protection at Fox Entertainment Group
  • Talal Shamoon, CEO Intertrust



  • Distribution Frameworks for Digital Content – Focus India: For 15 years, Hollywood copyright owners have relied on digital rights management (DRM) technologies to control piracy and enable sustainable business models around the digital content distribution. The continued evolution of markets and technologies creates a new mix of challenges and opportunities to address. Creation of compelling value propositions while maintaining reasonable barriers to piracy will bring significant numbers of Indian consumers into the payment domain. But to do so, content owners need a substantial amount of control over the distribution process.


  • Perspectives from Global Providers of OTT Services: Service Providers share their experiences on what has worked and the challenges they have faced setting up services that serve their consumers and content providers’ interests while mitigating risk.


  • Mitigating the Risks of Digital Content: Digital consumption of media has seen a huge increase in the past couple of years and is expected to continue down this trajectory in the coming years. As media companies strategize to embark on this journey, we'll explore the risks that accompany the digital journey and what companies can do to mitigate them?


  • New Monetization Opportunities: With over 60 percent of the population under 35, long daily commutes in the metros, and mobile devices as the preferred platform for connectivity, India needs business models that are contextually relevant. Some ideas that will be explored include ad-driven business models, offline streaming, user data subsidies, analytics driven recommendations and last-mile solutions.