About Seacert

A Scalable Cost-Effective Key Provisioning Service

Content protection technologies rely on certified trust services to provision the secret keys throughout the distribution chain needed to make their systems run. Intertrust’s Seacert division performs this role for the vast majority of large-scale Marlin implementations throughout the world.

Seacert is also at the heart of ExpressPlay DRM, Intertrust’s cloud service for content protection. Seacert has years of experience provisioning keys in a secure, scalable and cost-effective manner. Seacert’s services are applicable to software, content and devices and are available on a “pay as you go model” in order to support organizations of all sizes.

Seacert provides the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) service for the Marlin Trust Management Organization, the organization dedicated to granting commercial licenses for Marlin technology. Seacert is used by both YouView in the UK and Tivu in Italy to provide broadband TV content amongst many other companies. As the need for trust services expands beyond content protection, Intertrust counts Seacert as one of its key underpinnings to build trust in a connected world.

For more information, please see Seacert’s website.