Wasabi Express

Wasabi™ Express is a complete software development kit for building Marlin-compliant media applications on desktop and mobile platforms.The SDK is pre-configured to support device personalization, registration, and license acquisition using Intertrust’s cloud services. Unlike other DRM SDKs, the Wasabi Express SDK comes pre-hard- ened with Intertrust’s software tamper resistance technology.

This eliminates the need for additional investment in 3rd party security technologies. The SDK is also fully conformant with the Marlin Broadband Delivery and Simple Secure Streaming (MS3) specifications and complies with the Marlin standard’s compliance and robustness rules.

Business Advantages
The Wasabi Express SDK enables service providers and inde- pendent software vendors to implement a full range of content distribution business models for delivering over the top content delivery to mobile and PC platforms. It provides extensive support for today’s download and adaptive streaming media distribution models (including MPEG-DASH and HLS). Wasabi reduces imple- mentation costs and enables content portability and compatibility with other Marlin clients and services.

For Developers
The Wasabi Express binary includes:

  • A media player developer kit for building downloadable Marlin-enabled media players on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Apple's OS X
  • Sample media players and other simple applications that illustrate how to get DRM licenses and invoke other DRM functions required to playback protected content
  • Links to web pages hosting various types of content that can be played back by the sample applications.

More details on Wasabi Express are available by downloading the product sheet by clicking here.

To evaluate the Wasabi Express code, write to us at the contact form. .