Online Personalization Service

The Online Personalization Service is a cloud-based infrastructure for personalizing a Marlin device. It delivers a key and credential packet that creates a unique identity for a device that needs to be personalized. This unique identity enables a device to securely interact with Marlin services that provide online access to premium content.

Key and credential packets contain standardized and essential cryptographic objects that are required by each Marlin client. Generating these packets requires specialized skills, significant upfront and ongoing costs, and compliance to strict security standards. Personalizing each device with its unique identity adds costs to the manufacturing process, without providing an opportunity to make a better or differentiated Marlin device. Seacert provides this basic infrastructure as an online service, so that manufacturers are free to invest in processes that contribute to dif- ferentiating their products.


Marlin implementers can personalize devices based on Intertrust’s Wasabi Media Suite, using the industry standard Transport Layer Security 1.0 (TLS) protocol. Devices can be manufactured in quantity with little or no individualization and later be personalized as needed. Minimal development is needed by the implementer to use the service.

For more information on the Seacert Personalization Service, download the product sheet by clicking here