About SyncTV


A Platform for Pay TV on Connected Devices

In today’s world, it is no longer sufficient to set up an Internet video distribution service only for personal computers. Service providers must be able to reach their customers on all of the connected devices where they view video. SyncTV is a complete solution for distributing Marlin-protected video to a wide variety of connected devices such as iOS and Android smartphones, game consoles, connected set-top boxes and TVs as well as Macs and PCs. SyncTV provides all the features needed for video distributors to quickly get their services to market. SyncTV has tools for managing, encoding, scheduling, marketing, accepting payments, placing ads for video distribution as well as client software customizable for look and feel. SyncTV works with both managed Internet connections (IPTV) and unmanaged broadband connections and leading content distribution networks (CDNs).

SyncTV has been used worldwide by service providers such as France’s TF1, NBC Universal in the UK, and the Japanese animation studio Dream Link Entertainment. By using SyncTV as it’s primary service management platform for myTF1 VOD, TF1 was able to greatly reduce the complexity of their work flow while increasing their time to market in addressing multiple device types.

For more information on SyncTV, please visit the website.