The Big Data of Food

Talal G. Shamoon CEO, Intertrust

Talal G. Shamoon
CEO, Intertrust

Humanity continues to thrive against our best efforts to destroy our habitat and endanger the very sources of our survival. Technology is our strongest hand and has provided us with the tools to overcome natural phenomena and ensure our growth. As we face the challenges of feeding our expanding population in a world of environmental challenges, we are taxing our very ability to innovate.

All is not lost and we have a few silver bullets left in our technology arsenal that can breakthrough the “peak food” barrier. The answers lie specifically in the Internet of Things and the associated mountain ranges of data that we are accumulating. Our ability to plant trillions of sensors in fields, markets, and literally onto living things coupled with our ability to mine the data that these sensors generate will help us find answers we need to manage agriculture, distribution and food supply.  We will also make giant leaps in genetics, agronomy, planning, environmental analysis and distribution from searching these data sets and managing the sensors and actuators.

This talk will provide a rapid survey of the vast possibilities that will be unlocked by the Big Data revolution and paint a possibly optimistic outlook for how the digitization of food and agriculture will allow the human race to feed itself well beyond our current population.