Our technologies allow for Internet trust between people, and for data privacy and digital security among a wide variety of devices and services.  

cloud security


Certificate Authority

Seacert™ provides trusted digital certificates that authenticate the identity of devices and services. Seacert also provides trusted root keys for Internet-based systems including media distribution and app stores. Seacert has shipped over a billion certificates to Internet connected devices around the world, and is growing into new markets such as smart grid and the Internet of Things.

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Software Integrity Technology

Many modern apps carry secrets and personal information that must be protected from hackers.  whiteCryption™ provides Cryptaniumsecurity software tools for app developers to protect software code integrity from being compromised, and a secure white-box cryptography library that protects cryptographic keys embedded within app code. whiteCryption™ is a subsidiary of Intertrust and a pioneer in advanced mathematical techniques for protecting software from attackers.

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Cloud Service for Content Protection

ExpressPlay™ is a cloud service for Digital Rights Management. Based on the open standard Marlin DRM, Expressplay is an integrated content protection Solution-as-a-Service that allows content distributors of all sizes to distribute copyrighted video, audio, ebooks, and games over the Internet. ExpressPlay supports iOS and Android mobile devices as well as connected TV and set-top boxes.

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While people enjoy “free” ad-sponsored Internet content, it often comes at a great price to their data privacy.  Most major web operators trade on their consumers’ private information with little regard to who sees what.   Personagraph™ solves this problem by protecting a user’s private information while providing accurate targeting abilities to advertisers. Our data privacy-centric, predictive marketing and personalization services platform allows app developers to engage with users. User information stays private and secure even though targeting is done in precise fashion. Personagraph also provides marketers with anonymized yet accurate insights and analytics information that can be used to guide campaigns.

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Mountains of DNA data and personal healthcare information currently being gathered on the Internet are simultaneously a boon for medicine and research and a potential data privacy nightmare.  Genecloud™ is a trusted cloud service for storing and analyzing genetic sequence data, and is designed to strike a balance between openness and  data privacy. Genecloud provides integrated features—security, auditing, data integrity, and user consent—that allow researchers to focus on biological problems rather than technology.

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Despite great progress in cloud storage services, forty-year old email systems remain the easiest way for people to communicate.   Kabuto™ seeks to revolutionize modern communication by providing a contextual communication system that weds secure and governed storage and communication technology.  Kabuto allows teams and groups from within and across different organizations to securely collaborate, communicate, and share documents on PCs and mobile devices in a structured way that merges the best of email and web storage.

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Open Standards

Intertrust plays a major role in defining and driving open standards in its field of digital trust and trusted computing, and its involvement in and support of standards is a key element of its market philosophy. Our efforts help provide the market with open technologies that provide interoperability and help set a level playing field that leads to the development of competitive products and services.  Over the years, we have made fundamental contributions and have participated in standards ranging from MPEG to a variety of music and eBook industry initiatives.

In 2005, in partnership with four of the world’s greatest consumer electronics companies, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony, we founded the Marlin DRM standard to offer an open, simple, consistent digital entertainment experience across a broad set of consumer electronics devices and services.

Today, Intertrust is proud to offer the richest solution set for Marlin DRM for both devices and service providers.

  • ExpressPlay offers a comprehensive Marlin-compliant solution with SDKs for mobile apps and embedded devices and a hosted service. 
  • Seacert is an authorized Trust Service Provider for the Marlin DRM standard and generates keys and certs for Marlin implementations.
  • SyncTV offers a complete white-label service for Over the Top TV that supports Marlin and other DRMs  
  • whiteCryption provides software protection and whitebox cryptography technologies for Marlin DRM software that helped customers comply with Hollywood’s strict robustness requirements.

The HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) initiative harmonizes the delivery of broadcast and broadband entertainment to the end consumer through connected TVs and set-top boxes.  Intertrust is an active contributor and provides solutions based on this standard.