Intertrust invests in several companies that are separate from its own technologies. Intertrust strategically invests in the areas of Internet trust, digital security and privacy for Media Distribution, Big Data security, the Internet of Things (IoT), Healthcare, Natural Resource Management, Advertising, and Digital Commerce. Intertrust ventures receive funding, specialized guidance, and opportunities to interact  with complementary innovators. 

Planet OS is an Intertrust venture that works with big data; it provides a powerful platform for private and public organizations to analyze vast environmental data sets taken from millions of sensors distributed planetwide. The Planet OS platform helps organizations systematically analyze sensor data to support weather, energy, transportation, urban planning, agriculture and other industries and initiatives on both a local and global scale.


Kiora is another Intertrust venture that has developed an innovative video on demand system for geographies with little or no Internet penetration. Kiora’s system makes it easy for video distributors to distribute protected premium video onto USB sticks that can be played on a low cost set top box and other devices at the consumer’s house. Kiora provides a variety of e-commerce options and is primarily focused on the Indian market today. 



SyncTV™ is a white label platform for Internet Over the Top TV services. SyncTV provides a cloud-based video distribution service for broadcasters, service providers and content distributors. The service ties together all aspects of the digital distribution process including transcoding, content management, user management, and billing, and can reach a wide variety of devices. SyncTV can transmit video over the Internet to a broad family of devices including all major smart TVs, Android and iOS devices.  The SyncTV platform is codec and DRM agnostic and adopters have a wide range of flexibility in tailor making their OTT services.

Successful Exits

Nest developed the world’s first “smart thermostat”. The Nest thermostat operates by learning a user’s temperature preference and adjusting accordingly when the homeowner is at home and away. The thermostat also produces energy history reports to help customers monitor their systems to conserve energy and save money.