HbbTV 1.5 Ready

Intertrust Demonstrates Marlin-enabled HbbTV 1.5 Solution at IBC 2012

Intertrust leads the way in Over The Top TV technology with the first end-to-end implementation of the TNT2.0 profile finalized earlier this year by HD Forum France, the French TV industry association.

IBC, Amsterdam, NL, September 7, 2012 – Intertrust Technologies Corporation, the leader in trusted computing, today announced an integrated solution that unifies HbbTV and Marlin DRM technologies into a single easy to adopt technology stack for IPTV/OTT video distribution. The solution allows service providers and device manufacturers to deploy protected digital video content over the Internet to connected TVs, set top boxes, mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PCs. The solution is fully compliant with the Marlin DRM standard, supports the HbbTV 1.5 specification with MPEG DASH adaptive streaming, and is compatible with technology from leading suppliers of head-end equipment and devices. Intertrust subsidiary SyncTV will showcase a live MPEG-DASH demo and multi-screen solution along with TF1 and MStar at IBC 2012 at the Harmonic booth (1.B20).

“Intertrust’s solution is fully compatible with the TNT2.0 specifications, which will be the profile implemented in almost all connected TVs in 2013 for the French market,” said Tristan Du Laz, Deputy CEO TF1 VIDEO/MYTF1 VOD. “We plan to extend our MYTF1VOD service by the end of 2012, and we are very happy to participate to this end-to-end demonstration of off-the-shelf products.”

Marlin is the world’s leading open-standard DRM technology and provides a unique set of capabilities to manage the relationships between a consumer’s content, devices and network services. Marlin technology places the consumer at the heart of a domain of rich services and devices and allows them to use content intuitively. Intertrust is the world’s leading software provider of Marlin DRM-based solutions, and is partners with a global network of technology solutions providers and system integrators to deliver high-power products for the broadcast and media industry.

“Marlin DRM is the world’s only viable open standard for DRM today, and is a global market leader in the European broadcast market”, said Gilles Boccon-Gibod, SVP Technology and General Manager for Europe. “As commercial deployments in IPTV and Over the Top TV grow, we expect standards-based solutions to dominate since proprietary technologies come with a heavy anti-competitive bias.”

Marlin is incorporated broadly around the world and is a key element in the national Internet TV platforms in Japan, the UK (YouView), Italy (Tivu) and France (TNT2.0). Marlin DRM is also the backbone of several commercial media distribution platforms around the world and is becoming the open DRM of choice for audio, video and eBook distribution platforms around the world.

Founded in 1989, TF1 Vidéo is the publishing subsidiary of TF1. With an editorial line focusing on event contents and strong brands, TF1 Vidéo activity spreads over all varieties successfully, from French/ international cinema to stand-up shows, and kids program to TV series. By creating MYTF1VOD, its own video-on-demand service, TF1 Vidéo has shown its unique market vision. With a catalog portfolio of over 6000 programs, MYTF1VOD is now the most widely distributed VOD service in France. This year, TF1 Vidéo has already led physical/digital simultaneous launches with great success as per the movies Intouchables, Polisse, La Vérité si je mens! 3.

About Intertrust Technologies Corporation
Intertrust invents, develops, and licenses software, technologies and intellectual property for digital rights management (DRM) and trusted computing. The company holds over 300 patents and has over 250 patent applications pending worldwide. Intertrust’s inventions enable a broad range of products that use DRM and trusted computing technologies, including operating systems, digital media platforms, consumer electronics and mobile computing devices, web services, and secure enterprise automation. Intertrust is currently the world’s only provider of advanced multiplatform OEM SDKs for Marlin servers and clients. In addition Intertrust also hosts a venture incubator that invests in information security, privacy and information analysis technology in the areas of consumer media, health and smart grid energy management.

Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has regional offices in London and Beijing.

About Marlin
Intertrust Technologies Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Sony Corporation originally developed Marlin DRM in 2005. They subsequently founded the Marlin Developer Community, an open standards organization to expand and promote Marlin DRM as an open standard and the Marlin Trust Management Organization to provide trust services for Marlin products and services. The Marlin Partner Program is a global initiative aimed at bringing together technology leaders who deliver Marlin technology solutions to the market. For more information about the Marlin Developer Community, please visit: www.marlin-community.com.

Intertrust Media Contact: Robin Buckley 703.201.3524 (mobile) robin@buckleykaldenbach.com