Cryptanium Launches Strong App Protection System

New Technology Will Protect Apps from Malicious Attacks

Sunnyvale CA, May 14, 2013 – whiteCryption Corporation, developer of advanced software tamper resistance technologies, today unveiled the Cryptanium™ Code and Data Protection system, a unique software toolset that provides an unprecedented solution for data and runtime code protection for software apps. The product is available for all popular app development platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux.

Developers today write apps to run on a long list of platforms. These include smartphones, tablets, PCs, and just about any network-connected device. Nearly all of these devices use a handful of common operating systems, and apps that run on these devices are easy targets for hackers looking to extract private data, transaction keys, trade secrets and more. The Cryptanium code and data protection system gives app developers a sophisticated toolset that helps protect sensitive data and transactions against these threats.

“It’s too easy to mess with someone’s software today, which is why we’ve built Cryptanium” said David Maher, president of whiteCryption. “Our tools make it simple to provide world-class protection for app transaction data and user secrets. If you’re building media apps with content protection, or enterprise apps or consumer banking apps that simply must protect sensitive data, Cryptanium locks it down. Anyone fielding an app who doesn’t want their code stolen, or their secrets compromised, should be using this technology.”

Cryptanium includes two basic components: Cryptanium™ Code Protection with highly innovative app code integrity protection to avoid unwanted alteration and intellectual property theft; Cryptanium™ Secure Keychain with state-of-the-art whitebox cryptographic techniques that keep secret keys and data extremely well hidden within an app.

Click here to view the Cryptanium video.

Cryptanium’s patented technology is currently used around the world in products from major app developers and manufacturers in both consumer and enterprise markets.

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