Intertrust Announces ExpressPlay™ Cloud-based Content Protection with Self Service Capability

May 22, 2013 — Sunnyvale, CA. Intertrust Technologies Corporation today announced ExpressPlay™, an innovative integrated content protection solution-as-a-service that is simple and cost-effective to implement by any service provider — large or small — yet strong enough to protect high-value entertainment and media content including video, audio, ebooks and games. ExpressPlay works with existing Marlin-enabled connected TVs and set-top boxes (including those for the UK YouView system and HbbTV standards-based products), and with iOS and Android apps. Intertrust also provides an embedded SDK is available upon request for device manufacturers,and a content packager for service providers to easily ingest content.

ExpressPlay supports Marlin, the standards-based copy protection system approved by Hollywood and already playing on hundreds of millions of consumer electronics and mobile products worldwide. It also supports the latest media streaming standards such as DASH and HLS. ExpressPlay is available today at:

Previously, a service provider launching a premium online service had to jump through many technical and operational hurdles to integrate robust content protection into their products. Integrating licensing server software, building a custom backend system, and ensuring that apps and devices work together are not simple tasks, and required service providers to become device platform experts. Building such systems was expensive and prohibitive to small and medium-sized service providers. ExpressPlay resets the status quo by offering a very affordable, end-to-end cloud solution with a web-based dashboard for managing the service. For more details on ExpressPlay pricing, click here.

“We want to make it really easy for service providers to deliver high-value content to their customers on multiple devices”, said John Gildred, vice president of Product Management at Intertrust. “Using Internet content protection has been too difficult for too long, and there is no reason for this. ExpressPlay takes all the guesswork out of the setup process. Service providers can setup the protection solution and app development for their service within a day. We think that this is something revolutionary and game changing.”

Customers currently using Intertrust Wasabi content protection and other media devices supporting Marlin will work with ExpressPlay. The ExpressPlay service and the ExpressPlay SDK are provided by Intertrust Cloud Services Corporation, an Intertrust company, and are available for a free trial.

About Intertrust Technologies Corporation
Intertrust invents, develops, and delivers technologies for enabling trusted computing among leading global corporations from consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers to enterprise software platform companies. Intertrust holds 300 patents and has over 200 patent applications pending worldwide that are fundamental to the security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing. Intertrust’s R&D team and its subsidiaries are currently developing new trust services for vertical markets related to trusted big data processing in consumer privacy for targeted advertising, on-line storage and processing of DNA data, and smart grid applications. Intertrust also actively invests in venture companies that reinforce its market vision. Current portfolio companies include Personagraph Corporation, Nest Labs, SyncTV Corporation, Kiora™, and Marinexplore. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Intertrust has regional offices in London and Beijing.


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