Intertrust Launches Kabuto Workspace Collaboration Platform

Sunnyvale, CA, October 16, 2013— Intertrust® Technologies Corporation announced today that the company has launched its latest venture accelerator company, Kabuto, a workforce collaboration tool that securely integrates email, tasks, files, conversations, and external apps into a single cloud service that ensures user privacy and enterprise confidentiality policies.

Kabuto was unveiled today at DEMO Fall 2013 in Santa Clara, where it was one of 50 companies selected to demonstrate products in front of an audience of more than 500 investors, technology influencers, and media. In making his presentation, Kabuto’s Chief Executive Officer Tauseef Bashir, set Kabuto apart from the competition by stating that, “Kabuto doesn’t compete with other storage solutions. Our paradigm is improving communication across teams in one simple, elegant service.”

The Kabuto service, which works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, is a modern communication and collaboration system where teams can work together at any place and at any time. Using Kabuto, team members can post updates, share and edit files, manage project tasks, and access data from online “workspaces”.

Kabuto is the result of several years of research and development at Intertrust’s technology accelerator. While built on dedicated disruptive technology invented for the service, Kabuto also leverages Intertrust’s vast portfolio of inventions in security and trusted distributed computing.

“If you have ever emailed a document, or stored it on Dropbox and asked ‘who else is going to see this,’ you should be using Kabuto,” said Talal Shamoon, Chief Executive Officer of Intertrust. “Kabuto will replace email and cloud storage as the way we share and collaborate, revolutionizing enterprise and consumer communication. It is transformative in its simplicity, yet secure and unrivaled in its trustworthiness – only those who need to see files and messages, actually do.”

Kabuto is available to enterprise and consumer customers starting today at The commercial terms for the service are based on a modest monthly subscription fee with special terms available for enterprise customers.


About Kabuto

Founded in 2013 by a world-class Silicon Valley team, Kabuto plans to revolutionize the way we work in the BYOD mobile age. The Kabuto service, which creates workspaces online, was designed from a mobile point-of-view, paying special attention to the user interface for maximum ease from PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Kabuto’s technology leverages the trusted computing technologies developed by its backer, Intertrust Technologies Corporation, and is currently wholly owned by Intertrust. Kabuto is named after the helmet used by a Japanese Samurai to remind mobile warriors going into business combat to protect what’s in their head. For more information, visit

About Intertrust Technologies Corporation

Intertrust invents, develops, and delivers technologies for trusted computing among leading global corporations from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers, to enterprise software platform companies. The Company and its subsidiaries are also developing new trust services for vertical markets related to consumer privacy, Internet processing of DNA data, and smart grids. Intertrust actively creates, and invests in ventures that extend its market vision. Portfolio companies include Personagraph, Kabuto, whiteCryption, SyncTV, Nest Labs, Kiora, and Marinexplore.

Intertrust is also committed to driving open standards, and is one of the founders of Marlin DRM. Marlin is the Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution for YouView in the UK, Italy’s TivuNet and many IPTV services in Japan, and is currently the fastest growing DRM technology in China. Intertrust’s Marlin Expressplay solution is rapidly growing in China and other regions, and Intertrust’s Seacert subsidiary is the world’s leading digital certificate authority for Marlin.

Founded in 1990 on a revolutionary vision to bring trust to operating systems and open networks, Intertrust is based in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in London and Beijing. The Company has a legacy of invention, and its fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust are globally recognized. Intertrust holds hundreds of patents that are key to Internet security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing.

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