Friday Highlights


 Intertrust’s Friday Highlights provides a weekly review and analysis of a variety of articles that highlight trends in digital trust, Internet security, and Internet privacy. Here are the top media, and Internet privacy stories from last week.


mobile technology

 The only thing constant in the world is change. The Internet is certainly not exempt from that rule. 

Omnicom Advises Marketers to Move 10% to 25% of TV Ad Dollars To Online Video

Pepsi’s CMO Talks Mobile

People in the “TV Commerce” industry have made many attempts to expand beyond the realm of TV shopping networks. Smart mobile devices becoming more mainstream could help make that happen. tests the combination of TV and mobile commerce

4K TV has been gaining traction in the industry faster than many observers thought. This Korean technology breakthrough shows the potential for mobile wireless networks to be a contender for 4K video distribution.

Samsung and SKT make mobile video breakthrough


Internet Privacy and its implications

This past week, companies and consumers continued to grow increasingly concerned about Internet privacy. This has become a particularly urgent concern for new and developing businesses, as regulators pressure new businesses to come up with solutions to achieve Internet privacy.

Privacy is the single biggest concern for today’s mobile consumers

When athletes in a popular professional sport league start paying attention to Internet of Things (IoT ) privacy, you know it’s especially important.

Players union looks at data protection

Regulators continue to signal the industry that they are watching and privacy violations can be costly.

comScore Privacy Settlement Gains Approval

This article points out a very subtle but pernicious threat to trust.

It’s Official: AIs are now re-writing history


Friday Fun!

In this world where people can now send massive amounts of data over wireless networks, it’s fun to see someone going in the opposite direction. Is this is design ecologically kosher?

A Swiss designer built a machine that sends messages by balloon

Finally, check out some of the “different drummer” innovations from Japan.

The wacky side of Ceatec in pictures