Mobile World Congress 2015-Barcelona


Protect Data Privacy & Digital Rights 

with Intertrust’s Latest Mobile Security Solutions, Showcased at MWC 2015 (Hall 8, 0F15)

If you’re concerned about losing subscribers through data breaches or unmanaged content delivery on mobile devices, or interested in increasing monetization through mobile adtech, join us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for demonstrations of our latest mobile content management, Internet security, and data privacy technologies.

We will demonstrate: 

  • Easy to implement yet secure content management system from ExpressPlay for mobile apps and services. We will also showcase live services such as France’s MYTF1VOD based on the HbbTV 1.5 specification (with MPEG DASH) and Marlin DRM. 
    • Real-time mediation
    • Audience data overlay
    • Data transparency
    • Secure Key Box featuring white-box cryptography and how to keep cryptographic keys secret at all times.
    • Code Protection used to “harden” software application code and prevent reverse-engineering and tampering.