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Friday Highlights: Mobile, IoT, and Health News

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By Phil Keys

Intertrust’s Friday Highlights provides a weekly review and analysis of a variety of articles that highlight trends in digital trust, Internet security, and Internet privacy. Here are the top mobile, IoT, and health stories from last week.

Nex Gen Mobile: Fast and Contextual

The tech industry is now well into what arguably could be called Mobile 3.0 (yes, you are allowed to throw things for overuse of industry clichés).  The mobile world today is primarily characterized by smart mobile devices running apps connected to 3G and 4G networks. Yet, it’s fun to think about what the next generation of the mobile world could look like. Here are some hints:

While 4G networks are still rolling out through the world, work continues to increase wireless network speeds.

 World’s Wireless Record Breaks 40 Gbit/s

The tech industry is now readying for a quick rollout of support for 4K (aka Ultra HD) TV’s and other displays. Qualcomm is understandably pushing mobile as a major source of 4K video as a way to enjoy it. If they succeed, this will provide an immediate market need for faster network speed and higher data throughput.

Qualcomm leading push for 4K

Rumblings are echoing through the mobile world that the current app paradigm is peaking at an unsustainable rate. Here is an interesting design proposal for mobile content focused on contextualized notifications and services, not apps.


Different Views on IoT and Humans

IoT (Internet of Things) is an industry buzz word which is probably bandied around too much. Yet, it is one which arguably represents the next computing revolution. When many people think of IoT, they may think about are smart watches, fitness bands, connected glasses and smart thermostats. Here are a couple takes on very different and human applications.

What if IoT is you? In other words, what if people could authenticate themselves to devices with Internet services? By the way, if you don’t like the sight of blood, you may want to skip this one.

Here’s why I implanted an NFC chip in my hand

By now, most everyone should be familiar with malware disguising itself as a program for displaying emoticons, nude pictures, providing computer protection, and so forth.  What if malware were to disguise itself as a cute robot?

Could robots become too cute for comfort?

Health, IoT, and Privacy

Health care seems to be quite a promising field for IoT. There are all sorts of ways that sensors connected to intelligent services can promote health and reduce medical costs at the same time.

Ford unveils a car seat which detects when a driver is having heart attack

Yet, health data is very sensitive and new health related IoT services need to be designed with security and privacy in mind. It seems that our current systems are failing on that score.

What’s behind the dramatic rise in medical identity theft? 

IoT has now, and rightly so, become a top focus of privacy experts around the world.

World’s Data Protection Leaders Highlight Internet of Things, Big Data Privacy Risks

The US now has a well-known specialist on privacy issues, who has been appointed to be the chief technology officer of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the primary Federal agency tasked with consumer protection. Hopefully IoT and privacy will become one of his top focuses going forward.

F.T.C. Names New Chief Technologist

Friday Fun

For people of a certain generation, making mix cassette tapes was their first taste of personalized music. In our age where Pandora, Spotify, 8tracks and many other services provide personalized music services over the Internet, it’s great to see someone re-imagining the cassette player and tape in a modern style.

Rewind: This Raspberry Pi cassette player plays Spotify tunes from actual tapes