Infographic: How secure are today’s mHealth apps? hero graphic

Infographic: How secure are today’s mHealth apps?

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By Team Intertrust

To understand the scope of risk posed by mHealth applications, including medical device, telemedicine, health commerce, and COVID-tracking apps, Intertrust conducted an extensive study of current medical app security. 

What’s the state of medical app security?

We analyzed 100 Android and iOS apps from healthcare organizations worldwide, using an array of static and dynamic testing techniques. Full results, plus a look at mHealth threat trends and security tips, are available in our “Security Report on global mHealth apps 2020.”

Check out the infographic below to discover key findings and critical stats from the report. Click here or on the infographic image for the full-resolution PDF.

medical app security threats

Want to read the full 2020 security report on global mHealth apps? Download it here!

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