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Join the Sunnyvale MI3: mobile Ideas inspire innovation meetup group

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The first Sunnyvale MI3: Mobile Ideas Inspire Innovation meetup took place yesterday at Intertrust Technologies. The group came together a month ago around the common objective of sharing ideas and getting validation from other app developers and entrepreneurs. It already has 100+ members today, and is growing steadily…

Mobile Innovation Demonstrations

Members from MobiAppLines, NodeXS (not live yet), TheCherryShare, and Personagraph took the opportunity to demonstrate their mobile apps to their peers.

Tikeswar Naik presented NodeXS, a patent-pending startup that helps people of all profiles connect with one another based on opportunity and mutual interest. When it becomes live, this “networking reinvented” mobile application will help people connect in new and different ways.

MobiAppLines’ founder Paco Vu, demonstrated the Gotya mobile application and service, which is a camera surveillance system for smartphones.

Nadia Shomal demonstrated a great new mobile application for health-conscious food lovers. This service from TheCherryShare, Inc. is the social gateway to find and share information and images of healthy food choices with others.

Beth Kindig spoke about Personagraph, a cutting-edge, audience intelligence platform that creates robust user profiles and improves customer interaction. Beth did a brilliant job of showing how each and every developer in the room could specifically benefit from Personagraph’s services.

Mobile innovation Discussions and Idea Sharing

The group was very interactive and there was no shortage of good questions and constructive feedback. One of the attendees was heard saying that, “the Q&A was the best part of the meetup. It turned into one conversation after another that flowed nicely, and everyone actively participated and gave helpful feedback.”

Come to the next MI3 Mobile Ideas Inspire Innovation Meetup

If you would like to join a friendly group of people, join the Sunnyvale MI3: Mobile Ideas Inspire Innovation meetup group, and come to the next MI3 meetup on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

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