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NAB Is right around the corner, we’ll be there

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By Phil Keys

The annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show is less than a month away. NAB is not just for TV broadcasters, it is now one of the largest media events in the world. One of the themes at NAB is how the Internet continues to change the media landscape. Intertrust will be on the show floor at NAB, emphasizing how our products and technologies help bring what the Internet often lacks — trust and security at the many points it touches within the digital entertainment ecosystem. We are also proud that Tim Schaaff, Intertrust’s chief product officer, has been selected to participate on a panel and speak as part of the Connected Media|IP technology focus at NAB.

Trust in the Ecosystem

Of course Intertrust will be exhibiting ExpressPlay, our cloud-based DRM solution, making it simple and affordable for organizations of any size to distribute protected digital content. Some of the discussion points will cover our solutions for supporting multiple DRM technologies, protecting 4K video content and providing watermarking. We will also be featuring some of our other products that bring trust in other ways to the digital ecosystem.

One of those is the whiteCryption app security product line. whiteCryption’s products protect app source code from reverse engineering and tampering by bad actors. whiteCryption products are used in the automotive and other industries to protect apps. For the digital entertainment industry, mobile app security is crucial as apps are showing up at many points in the content ecosystem, including production, post-production and consumption. First, it is important to secure apps for consuming video to prevent the piracy of valuable content and protect other secrets in the code. Apps are also increasingly used at other points on the content creation side. These include controlling the drones increasingly used to shoot video, traditional digital video cameras, working with the “previz” scenes used by directors, video editing systems, and so on. At each of these points, apps directly touch on sensitive information and content that the industry needs to secure.

Data has always been important to the entertainment industry. The increasing use of mobile apps and IoT by consumers represents a new source of audience data valued for both advertising as well as content recommendation. Our audience data platform, Personagraph, can help gather this data, organize it into useful categories, and provide a mechanism for monetizing the protected content. What Personagraph also does is ensure that in the process the data is handled in such a way that respects individual privacy and gives companies control over the data as well.

How Content Protection and Emerging Markets Go Together

Schaaff will be speaking at a couple of sessions. He will be joining a panel discussion debating the current state of the mobile video market and the technologies that will bring it forward. He will also be giving a talk on  emerging markets such as China and India.

If you are attending NAB this year, do drop on by and find out more. We’ll be in the Connected Media | IP pavilion in booth #SU10002CM.