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Needed flexibility for the eBook market

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By Anahita Poonegar

Content protection discussions tend to focus on video and audio content. There’s another important content type which often calls for content protection and that is eBooks. Many publishers require content protection to distribute eBooks. Both Amazon and Apple have proprietary solutions used just for their environments. If you are another organization looking to distribute eBooks, neither of these solutions are available to you. Adobe has their own proprietary content protection technology which is licensed to third parties. Still, the Adobe solution ties distributors to using the Adobe player. If you decide to run your own content protection server, it can be quite a job to get it configured and up and running. If you’re an organization such as an educational institution or an innovative company trying to come up with an eBook distribution for emerging markets, the costs associated with integrating this technology can present a major hurdle for getting your project off the ground.

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