Intertrust participates in formation of NSF big data hub

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By Team Intertrust

As an innovator and thought leader in security and privacy for big data, Intertrust was invited to participate in a National Science Foundation workshop to establish a Big Data Innovation Hub for the Western US. On April 10th, approximately 45 delegates from industry, academia, and government gathered in Salt Lake City, UT to establish priorities for the hub and to begin work on drafting an NSF funding plan. The NSF hub model is a continuation of a strategic national focus on big data systems that began with the Obama administration’s Big Data R&D initiative in 2012.

The workshop focused on key application areas and infrastructure for big data. Not surprisingly, several significant challenges centered around the provenance, management, attribution, auditing, privacy, and trustworthiness of data sets — areas in which Intertrust has made pioneering contributions. Striking a balance between privacy and data security on the one hand with data access and utility on the other is a key priority for our own big data initiatives (Personagraph, PlanetOS, and Genecloud). Intertrust looks forward to contributing our expertise and experience to help regional, national, and international big data initiatives achieve the same balance.

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