Weekly Article Highlights

Friday Highlights provides a weekly review and analysis of a variety of articles that highlight what happened this past week in the world of digital trust, privacy, and security. Here are this past week's top  privacy, security, IoT, and content stories from last week.

Planet OS: Aiming to Become the OS for Real-world Sensor Data

In June, 2014, Marinexplore, one of Intertrust’s portfolio companies, announced a name change to Planet OS along with a change in focus reflecting the new name. As the name suggests, Planet OS is now working on becoming the operating system for planetary sensor data and worth another introduction.

When Anonymized Data Isn’t and Why Expertise Matters in Privacy

Promises to anonymize personally identifiable data are commonly made by holders of such data. Whether or not these promises can be kept, could depend on the technological prowess of the organization making the promise.

The Data Trends Pointing to a Potential Robust Privacy Technology Market

The latest Internet Trends Report from one of Silicon Valley’s icons, KBCB’s Mary Meeker, is out. Amongst the usual mass of insightful data trends about business on the Internet, our eyes were drawn to the trends around data and the potential these trends and survey data show towards creating a robust market for privacy technology.

“Opting Out Is Not an Option:” A Woman Acts Like a “Criminal” to Protect Her Privacy

Janet Vertesi, an assistant professor of sociology at Princeton University, recently spent nine months of her life in engaged in a concerted effort to maintain her privacy. Yes, she was pregnant and wanted to see if she could keep that fact private in the online world.

Parallels: License Plate Readers and Tracking in the Virtual World

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) released a detailed report pointing out some potential threats to privacy with the increasing use of license plate readers. While it is interesting reading on its own, it also shows some uncanny parallels to similar concerns in the virtual world.

The Call for Transparency of Personal Data in Big Data

Edith Ramirez, the current Chairwoman of the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission), made a major speech outlining some of the perils for privacy in the age of big data. In her speech, she called for more transparency in the collection of personal data and we couldn’t agree more.

ExpressPlay: Making it Easy to Distribute Professional Content

Compared to other app business models, distributing professionally produced content to devices places additional constraints on the service provider. We discuss what some of these are and how ExpressPlay can help alleviate these issues.

Some Interesting New Privacy Risks

We roll up some news items around interesting privacy risks: how your social media friends could get your loan request rejected, ubiquitous data storage as a privacy risk and a new way to identify people in video feeds.

Can the Industry Move Quickly Enough to Avoid a Moving “Big Brother?”

The connected car is generating a lot of excitement in the technology market. However, as cars become yet another node on the Internet, concerns about privacy caused the chairman of one the largest automakers in the world to speak up.

Next Step in the Evolution of Enterprise Computing Design

Intertrust’s Kabuto division discusses how BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and cloud computing are changing the enterprise application market. With this change, application design needs to also change and the Kabuto team shares some of the design techniques they use to meet this challenge.