Newest release of whiteCryption Code Protection expands Java protection to non-Android platforms

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By Jake VanAdrighem


Intertrust recently released a new version of whiteCryption Code Protection, our cross-platform in-app protection solution that secures applications from tampering and reverse-engineering. Code Protection version 2.61 brings major new functionality, now providing official support for any Java application, not only Android Java apps.

The need for Java protection

Whether for historical reasons or to enable easy multi-platform deployment and maintenance, many businesses have one or multiple Java applications that are foundational to their core business. These applications benefit from high portability but suffer from high risk potential in exposed user environments. Few protections currently exist for these business critical applications.

Java is a solid development platform with many built-in security features. However, application development is a complex undertaking and there are too many opportunities to introduce vulnerabilities. These code vulnerabilities can be exploited to steal confidential data, misuse system resources, interfere with operation, as a launching point for further attacks, and other malicious activities. Given that it’s impossible to eliminate every vulnerability and design flaw, it’s critical to shield your Java applications from attack.

Protect your Java code anywhere

With this latest release, our Java Protection is expanded to include desktop and server applications. All of Code Protection’s analysis prevention, tamper resistance, and customizable defense features are available for your Java applications running on Linux, Windows and other traditional desktop and server platforms. Code Protection is extremely simple to integrate and configure and can be swiftly deployed within your Java development team and DevOps lifecycle.

Additional Code Protection enhancements 

Version 2.61 includes several other important functionality upgrades and updates. Among the most notable: 

  • The ability to use IPv6 for network profiling
  • Usability upgrades to Java Protection including a new configuration option that allows you to customize stripping of debug information from the protected application.
  • Additional supported platforms and tools: Android 11, iOS/iPadOS 14.1, tvOS 14.0.2, Xcode 12.1, Android Gradle plugin version 4.1.0

Current Code Protection customers can download the latest version from the whiteCryption Developer Portal.

To find out more about Intertrust’s application protection solutions, get in touch with one of our security experts!


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About Jake VanAdrighem

Jake VanAdrighem is Technical Product Manager at Intertrust Technologies, responsible for product vision of Intertrust's whiteCryption Code Protection application security solution and white-box cryptography library Secure Key Box. Jake has a user focused background in systems and compiler engineering.

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