Takeshi Nakayama, CISO, LINE Corporation
Takeshi Nakayama gives his opening speech for the 5th LINE X Intertrust, Tokyo 2019 Security Summit.
Talal Shamoon, CEO, Intertrust
Talal Shamoon shares his views and analysis of current developments in the security industry.
Natsuhiko Sakimura, Chairman of the Board, Open ID Foundation
Natsuhiko Sakimura defines cyber continent discovery and digital identity as the eight continent in our lives.
Stuart Haber, President, Stuart Haber Crypto LLC, and co-founder of Blockchain
Stuart Haber, co-founder of Blockchain, shares the origin story of Blockchain and a warning about scientific foundations.
Govind Shivkumar, Principal, Investments, Omidyar Network
Govind Shivkumar shares market trends around digital identity.
Dr. Wei-Chung Hwang, Liaison Officer, Asia PKI Consortium and Karen Chang Vice President, Egis Technologies
Dr. Wei-Chung Hwang and Karen Chang discuss the Status and Development of Online Authentication.
Jun Sakuma, Professor, Tsukuba University
Jun Sakuma gives an insightful talk on AI for Security.
Koichi Moriyama, Director of Product Innovation, Product Department, NTT DOCOMO
Koichi Moriyama gives a talk on dACCOUNT authentication and identification.
Takeshi Mori, Corporate Officer, EVP, President of Services Management Group, Yahoo! Japan Corporation
Takeshi Mori talks about Japan’s current challenges toward a password-less world.
Arnar Birgisson, Software Engineer, Google
Arnar Birgisson goes over FIDO and WebAuthn practice within Google.
Kenta Takahashi, Unit Leader, Senior Researcher, R&D Group, Hitachi, Ltd.
Kenta Takahashi speaks on focusing on the Authentication Technologies for digital identity.
Yutaka Nagao, Vice President Technology Initiatives and GM of Japan, Intertrust
Yutaka Nagao gives an informative talk on using Blockchain to fight against deep fake.
David P. Maher, EVP and CTO, Intertrust
David P. Maher gives his talk on tools for survival: Technologies for Trust and Identity Management.
Kazunori Sekimizu, Manager, LINE Financial Corporation
Kazunori Sekimizu shares with us our new challenge: How to ensure security for credit scoring.
Naohisa Ichihara, Director, LINE Corporation
Naohisa Ichihara shares a case study by LINE on secure-by-design for social digital identity.
Takeshi Suzuki, Manager, NEC Corporation
Takeshi Suzuki shares the use cases for NEC Biometric Technology, ‘Bio-Idiom’.