LINE and Intertrust Security Summit

Exploring Technologies for Trusted Apps and Services

May 17, 2017 | Tokyo

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Technology trends such as AI, big data, IoT, and robotics in recent years have encouraged the evolution of the internet, mobile, cloud, and other legacy technologies along with the services they support. At the same time, these technology trends are significantly contributing to the creation of new services and businesses that offer an entirely new user experience, and are expected to be a driving force to turn the current business environment and social infrastructure into “an infrastructure of the future.”

Meanwhile, security and privacy are a constant matter of concern during such a period of transition. Today, not only are individuals and companies faced with risks such as identity theft, information leakage, and privacy issues, but national and global level risks such as cybercrime and terrorism are also ever-present, leading to increased public interest in security and privacy. With mobile and IoT devices playing a vital role as service endpoints, the most important challenge for existing services to overcome and to achieve the aforementioned infrastructure for the future is, how to become a trusted end-point, and build trusted services upon this foundation.

This summit aims to attract prominent participants who are active in these and related fields and provide opportunities for information sharing and discussion about the latest trends in technologies and services as well as related security and privacy issues.

May 17
Keynote Speeches
Session 1
Session 2
Cocktail Party
9 AM
12 PM





Keynote Speeches

“LINE’s Security: Now and Future”

Takeshi Nakayama | CISO, LINE Corporation

“Drawing the Line Correctly: Enough Security, Everywhere”

Talal G. Shamoon | CEO, Intertrust Technologies Corporation

“Frontiers of Cryptography”

Robert E. Tarjan (Wikipedia) | Chief Scientist, Intertrust Technologies Corporation, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University

“Your Security, More Simple – Utilizing FIDO Authentication”

Koichi Moriyama | Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of FIDO Japan Working Group, NTT DOCOMO, INC.


Lunch Time


Session 1: Technology Trends in End Point security

“Application security as crucial to the modern distributed trust model”

David P. Maher | CTO, Intertrust

“Implementing trusted endpoints in the mobile world”

Elenkov Nikolay | LINE Corporation

“Client Security for Accelerating Game Development”

Tetsuya Shiota | DeNA Co.,Ltd.


Session 2: State-of-the-art Research and Technologies

“Practical attacks on commercial whitebox cryptography solutions”

Ahn Sanghwan | LINE Corporation

“How to Enhance the Security of IoT Devices”

Atsuko Miyaji | Osaka University

“Research trends in Tamper Resistant Software” (tentative)

Kazuomi Oishi | Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology


Talk Session: Exploring Trusted Apps and Services

Moderator: Naohisa Ichihara | LINE Corporation

Participants: Elenkov Nikolay, David P. Maher, Tetsuya Shiota, Atsuko Miyaji, and Kazuomi Oishi


Cocktail Party


Takeshi Nakayama

Takeshi Nakayama
CISO, LINE Corporation

Talal G. Shamoon

Talal G. Shamoon
Chief Executive Officer, Intertrust

Robert E. Tarjan

Robert E. Tarjan
Chief Scientist, Intertrust

Koichi Moriyama

Koichi Moriyama

David P. Maher

David P. Maher
Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer, Intertrust

Elenkov Nikolay

Elenkov Nikolay
LINE Corporation

Tetsuya Shiota

Tetsuya Shiota
DeNA Co.,Ltd.

Ahn Sanghwan

Ahn Sanghwan
LINE Corporation

Atsuko Miyaji

Atsuko Miyaji
Osaka University

Kazuomi Oishi

Kazuomi Oishi
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Naohisa Ichihara

Naohisa Ichihara
LINE Corporation


LINE Corp. Auditorium

Shinjuku Miraina Tower 15F, Tokyo


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