Trusted Distributed Computing

Era of the Data Currency

In today’s global economy, your data is the key to your business. Intertrust’s suite of trusted computing products can help you better manage and understand it.

Trusted Foundations

Building infrastructure for an information economy

As early as 1990, Intertrust invented the concept of trust via the Internet. Recognizing the emergence of widely available digital content, Intertrust produced an impressive portfolio of core technologies that would govern how we manage and secure Internet-based commercial transactions.

Trusted Foundations
Data Governance

The business of managing
others’ business

With over 25 years of experience in security and trusted computing, Intertrust is a leading content protection and rights management technology provider.

While media content protection emerged as the first application of Intertrust’s innovations, it has grown to manage all forms of digital transactions.

Data Governance

Managing Content Security

From robust rights management to white box cryptography, we’ve worked to ensure that today’s information is traded securely.

ExpressPlay allows content owners of all sizes to distribute copyrighted video, audio, e-books, and games over the Internet. Our service empowers the transacting of content-protected data and files.

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Security and Privacy

Trusted systems for a global economy

As the world moves toward a global economy, it has become imperative that businesses and their stakeholders be able to trust each other.

To support the ever-growing types of commercial relationships in this connected world, Intertrust has invested in device provisioning services and application protection technologies.

Security Privacy

Securing Data Transactions

From digital certificate management to software application protection, we’ve worked to ensure that today’s information is traded securely.

Seacert™ Key Provisioning Service

The Seacert PKI authority provides trusted digital certificates that authenticate the identity of devices and services. This service ensures the integrity of all types of Internet-based transactions.

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whiteCryption® Code Protection

whiteCryption’s award-winning code obfuscation and secure key box solutions protect applications from tampering and intrusion. Rest assured of the secure transmission of your data.

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Intertrust Analytics

Unlocking the real value in your data

Our machine learning and visualization technologies enable you to uncover powerful insights in your data. Our platforms promise an end-to-end ecosystem of data, analytics and trusted computing capabilities.

Intertrust Analytics

A simple way to sift through mountains of data

Our trusted computing platforms wouldn’t be complete without an efficient and powerful means of viewing and controlling your data.

Quickly identify the information that matters to you without giving up the power you need.

Dashboard trusted computing mountains of data

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