Venture Companies

Intertrust has a history of partnering with innovative venture companies that align with our vision of trusted distributed computing for the 21st century. Our collaboration gives venture partners access to specialized guidance and opportunities to interact with innovators. We benefit from new innovations and insights in areas of mutual interest.



PlanetOS works with big data, providing a powerful platform for private and public organizations to analyze vast environmental data sets taken from millions of sensors distributed worldwide. The Planet OS platform helps organizations systematically analyze sensor data to support weather, energy, transportation, urban planning, agriculture and other industries and initiatives on both a local and global scale.




Kiora has developed an innovative video on demand system for geographies with under-developed broadband infrastructure. Kiora’s intelligent caching devices and cloud-based system makes it easy for video distributors to provide a premium video-on-demand service through Wi-Fi hotspots located in shops as well as vehicles such as planes and taxis. The company has partnerships with services in both India and Sub-Saharan Africa.



Nest Labs (Successful Exit)

Nest developed the world’s first “smart thermostat”. The Nest thermostat operates by learning a user’s temperature preference and adjusting accordingly when the homeowner is at home and away. The thermostat also produces energy history reports to help customers monitor their systems to conserve energy and save money.


nest labs