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How to Revive the Pay TV Market White Paper

Globally, pay TV subscription revenue is forecast to inch upward from $215 billion in 2017 to $221 billion in 2018. However, as broadband quality has increased, and connected devices have proliferated, including smart TVs and smartphones, new OTT competition and direct-to-consumer content is reaching more audiences. In addition, telcos have an increased presence in the pay TV market, leveraging their competing network infrastructure and existing relationships for bundle offers.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Why innovation is key and how some companies have reduced subscriber loss
  • Ratings for subscription video on demand and how they prove there is room for more providers in SVOD opportunities
  • The future of addressable media and proper targeting with 600% growth in programmatic
  • Additional information on the $7 billion in piracy losses

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