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Join us at Digital Entertainment China 2019

6th Global Digital Media Summit

April 17th
10am – 5pm
St. Regis, Shenzhen, China

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Intertrust will be presenting…

How blockchains and other distributed ledgers will affect the media industry

10:00 – 10:30

David Maher


Content protection at 360 degrees

13:30 – 14:00

Guido Cugi

Business and Technology Manager

Guido Cugi

Entertain travelers and gain a valuable audience with Kiora

15:30 – 16:00

Nabil Kanaan

Media Product Marketing

Nabil Kanaan

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In recent years, China’s online video market has grown rapidly. Statistics show that the online video market in China has grown from 13.59 billion yuan in 2013 to 124.95 billion yuan in 2018. It is expected that the online video market in China will reach 156.85 billion yuan in 2019.

After experiencing piracy, inappropriate content, and copyright wars, Internet traffic growth has stabilized, and the era of online video user experience is coming. After the enhancement of copyright awareness in the past few years, users are willing to pay for high-quality content, setting the bar for a competitive online content market.

Strengthening content protection and preventing piracy has surfaced to the top in content technology and business planning. Achieving effective content protection while keeping costs down and keeping the user experience great is the challenge facing the industry. Coupled with subscription and pay per view models and content protection are advertising-supported business model topics, syndication, and other models. Addressing these industry trends, Intertrust is proud to host the 6th Global Digital Media Summit in Shenzhen.

This summit will cover the following topics:

  • How will consumer electronic device manufacturers, in combination with high quality content, create new value-added business models?
  • How will Broadcast TV services, including hybrid Broadcast – Broadband service models, prevent piracy, increase revenue and enhance user experience through integrated content protection approaches?
  • How to deploy broadcasting and OTT content services in scenarios with limited or no access to broadband networks?
  • How to continue and grow content business models while respecting user privacy and complying with regional regulations around user data?

Guests and speakers include executives from Hollywood studios, broadcasters and operators from Europe, Asia, and leading consumer electronics and chip makers.

We are happy to extend this invitation to you and looking forward to you joining us.

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