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Lecture Abstract

Secure multi-party computation enables different parties with private inputs to compute joint functions of these inputs while hiding everything but the output of the function. As a simple example, consider two parties with private values that wish to compute which of these values is greater while hiding all other information about the values.

In recent years there has great progress in the performance of secure multi-party computation, and considerable interest in using this technology for different applications. The talk will describe the basic concepts of secure multi-party computation, as well as different techniques that are used to improve performance, and applications that benefit from this technology.

Speaker Bio Benny Pinkas, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Benny Pinkas is an associate professor at Bar Ilan University. He has previously worked in the research labs of Intertrust Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, and Google. His main research areas are cryptography, computer security and privacy, with a focus on secure computation. He has published over 60 highly cited academic publications. He received a starting grant from the ERC, as well as grants from the Israel Science Foundation, the Israel-US Binational research foundation, and the Israel Ministry of Science and Technology, and was a PI in two European research consortiums.