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Intertrust is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at Streaming Media East 2019

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May 7-8
New York Hilton Midtown

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Intertrust is also speaking at the Discovery Track Presentation on…

“How DRM Has Evolved to Meet the Challenges of the Online Video Industry”

May 7, 2019
11:45 am – 12:05 pm

The session will cover Intertrust’s ExpressPlay DRM service and how it provides comprehensive device reach, scales operations for audiences who tune in by the millions, while simplifying license acquisition workflow for faster time to market and enabling client-side re-packaging to reduce CDN and storage costs. It will also cover watermarking, why it matters and how it integrates with DRM to simplify deployment.

Tom Carroux

Tom Carroux

Sales Executive at Intertrust Technologies, Inc.

With OTT video’s continued growth, content protection technologies need to keep up with those needs through technologies like watermarking, scalable cloud infrastructure, and rotating key encryption offering enhanced security as content rights costs and piracy threads continue to skyrocket. Talk to us about ExpressPlay uDRM™’s watermarking support, including the FriendMTS partnership.

For those developing mobile applications, whiteCryption® Code Protection™ tools can protect your apps and IP from reverse engineering and tampering. With whiteCryption® Secure Key Box™ ensure your encryption keys are protected at all times.

See how Kiora™ complete secure content management and delivery system can bring premium content services to limited bandwidth locations. By leveraging local WiFi coverage and consumers’ own mobile devices, this is especially beneficial to content rights holders with local affiliates and relationships with transportation and hospitality businesses.

Visit us at Booth 101

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ExpressPlay uDRM™

The first cloud-based digital rights management platform to support all major DRMs

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ExpressPlay XCA™

Economical, smart conditional access system built on the open-standard Marlin DRM

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Kiora™ Offline Content Delivery

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Dynamic Ad Insertion for OTT Monetization White Paper


This paper discusses how dynamic ad insertion solves OTT service providers’ two biggest concerns: it improves the user experience and increases revenue. Dynamic ad insertion is discussed in detail including client-side ad insertion and server-side ad insertion, and why a combination of both is the best approach for today’s audiences.

2018 Global Overview of Live OTT Sports White Paper


This white paper covers the OTT live sports markets in North America, Europe, India and China including statistics on the increase in viewership and which companies are capitalizing on this opportunity. Also discussed are the challenges and opportunities in scaling for millions of synchronistic viewers including support for large throughput, potential latency issues, content protection, delivery and media monetization.

Intertrust ExpressPlay XCA™ White Paper: Bridging DRM and CAS


Consumers are increasingly opting for Internet-based over-the-top TV (OTT) over traditional linear TV. However, there is still a large population of consumers of linear TV who have not yet cut the cord and the lure of live sports broadcasting is one key type of content that is likely to keep them there for the foreseeable future. Linear TV broadcasters will have to embrace both OTT and traditional broadcast networks.

This year at Streaming Media East 2019, you’ll hear the innovative approaches that the world’s leading organizations are deploying in live streaming, OTT, enterprise and educational video, encoding and transcoding, next-gen TV, VR video, video production, content delivery, video marketing, content monetization, and much more.

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