Energy Summit

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Energy Summit

InterContinental Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Attend Talal G. Shamoon’s keynote on the power of data-driven energy at the Handelsblatt Energy Summit

Can climate protection co-exist with economic growth? Can the energy industry succeed in moving away from coal? Will new legislation slow down progress? The Handelsblatt Energy Summit brings together leading industry figures, visionaries, and politicians to debate these topics.

Talal’s keynote at the Summit, “The Power of Data-driven Energy,” will address the growing importance of data within the energy industry. Fueled by evolving customer expectations, decentralization, and digitalization, the energy industry is undergoing a transformation. Deregulation has allowed new operators to enter the energy market, creating tremendous opportunities, but also heightening security concerns. The same can be said about technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, connected homes, and “smart” devices. Meanwhile, sustainability has become a key factor in corporate and personal decision making, with more and more consumers seeking to reduce their overall carbon footprint and looking to their utilities to do the same.

“Data-driven energy” is an emerging blueprint for the way energy companies are reinventing themselves to improve the performance of aging infrastructure, while simultaneously addressing these new customer requirements. Data collected on an individual’s energy usage contains information that can be harnessed to manage energy generation, distribution, and consumption more efficiently. However, this data must be collected without violating customer privacy.

Join Talal at the Handelsblatt Energy Summit to hear more about the impact of connected devices, the need for data protection, and innovative trends on the road to a data-driven economy.

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About the event

Session title: Forum A: Energy future 2050–totally connected? Framework conditions, technologies, risks

Speaker name: Talal G. Shamoon

Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Session time: 11:20am – 12:45 pm (Talal’s keynote at approximately 12:20)

Session location: InterContinental Hotel, Berlin, Germany

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