Data privacy has always been a concern. However lately, this concern has been magnified. The comfortable bubble of digital security people thought they had was first broken by the NSA scandal. It shattered the very concept of digital privacy. Today many companies out there are leveraging data collected from various sources, usually without the consent of the users, for advertising and marketing purposes. The public does not appreciate being tracked without being aware of it.

recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the alarming trend of companies collecting users’ location-based data and profiling them based on their lifestyle choices and daily habits. This data is then being used by businesses to send out highly personalized and targeted advertisements.

While the technology behind collecting, analyzing and presenting actionable business insights for high volumes of user data is impressive, there is little or no regulation around it. The lack of any regulations surrounding data privacy is what most companies are exploiting. You would be surprised how much data is being collecting today from various channels and how this data is meticulously analyzed, processed and leveraged for advertising.

The line between data analytics and data privacy is a very thin one. Companies need to tread very carefully to ensure they collect data to target users effectively without violating users’ privacy.

However, there is now a solution to help you take back your data privacy!

Personagraph has developed a technology that empowers users to have control on what data they want to share with the outside world and what they want to keep private. We believe that users should be in total control of their data and we place supreme importance on users’ data privacy.

Here’s how it works:

With Personagraph, users can turn ON/OFF any of the location/app/social sensors through which we collect data. If a user chooses to do so, data from these sensors will not be tracked. This gives users immense control of their own data and allows them to make the decision about what should be tracked and shared.  A user also has full access to his or her robust user profile generated by our platform. Users can also curate the information on these detailed profiles. This means that the users can modify their own profiles, so that only the most highly targeted advertisements reach them. This is a very powerful feature as only the users who are opting in are getting targeted. Because the user profiles are thoroughly vetted by the user, targeted is very effective.

We believe, that true targeting only happens when the end user has actually consented to be targeted. User understanding and audience intelligence is our strength, but giving users full control of their data is what separates us from our competitors. It’s time for all of us to take back control of our privacy.  If you have any thoughts on what consumers can do to take back control of their privacy we welcome you to share them with our readers by commenting below.