If you follow Intertrust closely, you will know that in December 2016, we were pleased to announce a number of new investors. One of those is innogy SE, a subsidiary of the German based utility RWE, and, with over 23 million customers, one of Europe’s largest. On October 9th, innogy’s CEO Peter Terium and Intertrust were pleased to host a number of German journalists at Intertrust’s Silicon Valley headquarters to introduce Intertrust and discuss our strategic partnership with innogy.

While the relationship between Silicon Valley and a large European utility may not be all that apparent, innogy has actually been active in Silicon Valley for over two and a half years.

Talal Shamoon, Intertrust’s CEO pointed out how we live in a data-driven world, and when bits become property, they need to be governed. For economies and society to function, this new world will require digital trust and security.

Seeing the crucial role big data will play for utilities in a world dominated by renewable energy and distributed energy resources, “Peter [Terium] and his team have looked over the horizon and are acting very proactively,” said Shamoon. The two companies are already working together – Intertrust’s industrial data division combines both proprietary and open data to give innogy powerful tools to monitor and manage their wind farm operations in Europe.

We look forward to continuing this discussion with our friends in the German press as well as press from other locations.

Intertrust’s Talal Shamoon talking with assembled German reporters.

Intertrust’s Talal Shamoon talking with assembled German reporters.